How to create a shared label

Creating a New Shared Label

Head to your Gmelius Dashboard to set up the new shared label:

Direct link:

  1. Click on the Gmelius icon for your Gmelius Sidebar to appear on Gmail.
  2. Click on 'Create'.
  3. Select from the drop-down to create a new shared label. A new tab in your browser will open directing you to your Shared Labels configuration panel.
  4. Fill in the Share Field with the name of the New Shared label you want to create or select from the drop-down list the existing Gmail Labels that you want to share in bulk.
  5. Enter or select the names of the users amongst whom you want to share the emails labeled with the Shared Labels.
  6. And Click on "Next".
  7. Chose if you want to automatically add future team members to your shared label(s). You can change this option afterward. 
  8. Decide where you want your team to manage the shared label(s) from.

Users included in a shared label receive an email notification to approve the label. 
If the user does not approve the label sharing, any emails the label has been applied to, will not be synced. 

Syncing existing conversations in a label

If you have existing conversations in a Gmail label, you can sync them via the Gmail shared label for your team to get these conversations. 

  1. Hover on the actions column of the shared label you want to sync and click on Synchronize history

Historical Email syncing is subject to the limitation of your plan (see  pricing page)







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